Friday, July 22, 2011


Right now, my heart is full to the point of bursting.  I keep thinking about my little girls at home.  Last night, as I was getting them ready for bed, I witnessed the most tender moment between them.  I had them both laying on a blanket, and I was trying to put diapers and lotion and pjs on their squirmy bodies.

Vala had her hands clasped together and in her mouth, as most 3 month olds do.  Abby saw this and grabbed Vala's hands in her own and said, "Dear Jesus, Amen."  Then she folded her own hands together (making sure Vala's were still together), touched her forehead to Vala's forehead, and repeated her little prayer.  She was trying to teach Vala how to pray!

I cried as I watched all of this happening (big surprise), and I sent up my own prayer thanking God for giving me these precious girls and for already pulling Abby close to him.  I pray that she will follow Jesus all of her days and that she will be a good example to her little sister, who already looks up to her so much.

Now we just need to work on what comes between "Dear Jesus" and "Amen."  :) 

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  1. LOVE LOVE this.
    your girls are awesome!

  2. How adorable! Sometimes "Dear Jesus. Amen" is all you need.