Friday, June 24, 2011

Show Us Your Life: My Sister!

So I have a sister.  She's amazing!  She's awesome!  She's beautiful!  I'm linking up to Show Us Your Life Single Edition with Kelly, because I think it's worth a try! 

Here is a picture of us:  (She's the one in blue, with the killer eyes to match!)

I don't want this to sound like some kind of advertisement, but I'm not sure how else to do this! 

My younger sister's name is Amber.  She is 27.  She loves Jesus with all her heart, and it shows in the way she loves her friends and family.  Family is absolutely #1 in her book, and she wants to have one of her own some day.  She is so good with my kids and is the best Auntie ever!

(Here she is banging on pots to ring in the New Year.  She totally brings the fun!) 

Amber is also an AMAZING singer!  She will be debuting her vocal stylings in August by singing the National Anthem before a Cincinnati Reds game!!  She has also sang in front of church many times, and we joke that she is The Wedding Singer, because she has sang in so many weddings.

My sister is a fabulous sister.  We have never had a fight in her entire life!  I'm being serious!  She is my best friend in the whole world and always has been.  I know that little sisters usually look up to big sisters, but I look up to her.    

I am writing this post because I know how hard dating can be.  It's not easy to find someone when you don't want to go to a bar to look for them.  And the Singles Group at church can be so intimidating.  So if you know any guys who would like to meet a beautiful, talented girl in the Cincinnati area, let me know!!

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  1. Your sister is gorgeous! I wish I did know a good guy in that area - she seems like a good catch! But I'm sure it will happen when it is meant to happen - that's what I kept telling my sister and she just got married a couple months ago! :)